Historic Ships

On May 18, 2015, the worlds oldest commissioned military ship afloat, the United States Navy's USS CONSTITUTION (Old Ironsides) entered drydock at the Charlestown Navy Yard in Massachusetts for a 2.5 to 3 -year restoration with most of the work to be on the ship's bow and on her hull below the waterline.

On July 23, 2017 at 2315 hours, USS CONSTITUTION was again afloat in Boston Harbor after 26 months in drydock for repairs to her hull and rigging. She was at a layberth for final repairs and reopened to the public in September of 2017.

In October this year, CONSTITUTION will celebrate her 221st birthday.


December 12, 1940 -

WWII - commencing at about 0200 hours on this date the German submarine, U-96, attacked Convoy HX-92 about ten miles south of St. Kilda in the Hebrides. It first hit the Swedish motor vessel, STUREHOLM, on a voyage from Boston to Grangemouth and Hull with a cargo of about 6,900 tons of steel and scrap iron, with a single torpedo in the stern. The ship went down in a bit more than ten minutes. All 32 men onboard were lost. Not three hours later, the U-boat torpedoed and sank the Belgian steamer, MACEDONIER. Four men were lost, 37 survived and were rescued from two lifeboats by the Icelandic ship, SULAN, and landed at Fleetwood.

U-96 had a 27-month career as an attack boat during which it sank 28 ships and damaged four more - all totaling about 223,000 GRT. Thereafter, the U-boat served as a training and school boat until March, 1945, when it was sunk at Wilhelmshaven by bombs from U.S. aircraft.


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