Historic Ships

On May 18, 2015, the worlds oldest commissioned military ship afloat, the United States Navy's USS CONSTITUTION (Old Ironsides) entered drydock at the Charlestown Navy Yard in Massachusetts for a 2.5 to 3 -year restoration with most of the work to be on the ship's bow and on her hull below the waterline.

In October this year, CONSTITUTION will celebrate her 220th birthday.


July 21, 1907 -

Maritime Disasters - on this date, off Shelter Cove, California, the iron-hulled, screw-steam, brigantine-rigged passenger ship, COLUMBIA, collided with the lumber schooner, SAN PEDRO, in dense fog and sank. 

The ship was built in 1880 in Chester, Pennsylvania for the Oregon Railroad and Navigation Company which was taken over in 1898 by the Union Pacific Railroad. She had four watertight bulkheads and carried nine lifeboats - eight metal and one wooden. She was the first ship to be equipped with electric incandescent Edison lightbulbs. She operated successfully between San Francisco and Astoria/Portland, Oregon.

When COLUMBIA sank, 88 lives were lost - including all children onboard.


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